Rewards for liquidity providers

Staking/locking and managing your $LEND tokens and rewards is done on the Manage page

You can add liquidity for LEND-WMNT on Fusion X and earn rewards on the LP-tokens if you stake them on the Stake page in Lendle. Your rewards are in $LEND and follow the same logic as described in Vested rewards (3 months vesting, 50% penalty for immediate unlock). The LEND-WMNT V2 Liquidity Pool is the main liquidity pair on Fusion X where all of the Launchpad proceeds where used to seed the initial liquidity. The contract address of the Liquidity Pool is: 0x4c57BE599d0e0414785943569E9B6A66dA79Aa6b You can read more about creating a liquidity pair in Fusion X's docs:

While we currently only incentivize this liquidity pair, we might add incentives for additional pairs in the future.

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