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On the Markets screen you can:
  • See the statistics of the Lendle protocol
  • Vest any Lendle tokens that were rewarded
  • Open each individual market by clicking on the asset logo for:
    • more granular statistics
    • to supply and/or borrow an asset
  • See how much APY/APR a certain market yields
    • The APY/APR is split into 2 numbers
      • The first one being the APY that is either being paid (borrow) or given (supply) in lendle native assets L-Tokens. The amount depends on the market size and protocol fees generated. Revenue Share
      • The second one being the APR, indicated by the Lendle token Icon. These rewards come from the Liquidity Incentives and are in our native token $LEND. Unlike the first number, borrowers don't pay $LEND to borrow. So on both sides the APR indicated are rewards