On the Dashboard, you can:

  • Get a breakdown of your deposited funds & borrows

  • Withdraw & deposit assets from the Lendle markets.

  • Borrow any assets vs your collateral (supplies)

  • Repay any loans

If you are new to Lendle, we highly advise you to read How-To-Deposit & How-To-Borrow as there are different, more granular, ways to supply and borrow assets on Lendle

In the top left you'll find whatever assets you have supplied to the Lendle market. You can withdraw and supply using the buttons and the following dialogue popup.

In the top right, you will find all your borrows, which can be repaid or increased by using the buttons.

In the middle, you'll see the amount of $LEND you have accrued and are waiting to get vested, on the Marketspage.

In the bottom left, you'll find the wallet balance of any asset that can be supplied to Lendle.

And lastly, in the bottom right you can open new borrow positions and see how much is available for you to borrow. The availability depends on both market size and your Health Factor

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