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Most frequently asked questions in the Discord will be found here

How do I connect to Lendle?

Connecting to Lendle.xyz can be done through an EVM wallet like MetaMask. (Rabby has yet to add support for Mantle to their wallet)
Once you've installed MetaMask, you'll need to add the Mantle RPC. These can be found in the official Mantle docs, or on Chanlist, as seen below. For test networks, don't forget to enable the checkbox. You can read the whole procedure of adding a custom RPC in the docs from MetaMask.

Is the code audited?

The code for our V1 lendle.xyz application is a straight up fork from Geist, configured by our devs. Geist code has been auditted by solidity finance and has secured over $2 billion in TVL. We're working with 2 different audit firms to audit the V1/V2 code and migration. Our first audit is almost complete, and has been done by the same party that auditted the Geist code. Audits

Is the team doxxed?

Yes, the team is a recipient of an official Mantle foundation grant. One of the requirements is to KYC/Dox with the Mantle team.
Next to this, the Lendle team holds plenty of AMA's and has a weekly fireside chat where you can meet up with the team.