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How do I connect to Lendle?

Connecting to Lendle.xyz can be done through an EVM wallet like MetaMask or Rabby. Once you've installed and setup your wallet, you'll need to add the Mantle RPC. These can be found in the official Mantle docs, or on Chainlist, as seen below. If you need a step-by-step guide on how to add a custom RPC, take a look at the docs from MetaMask.

Is the code audited?

The code for our V1 lendle.xyz application is a straight-up fork from Geist, configured by our devs. Geist code has been audited by solidity finance and has secured over $2 billion in TVL. Our audit is complete, and has been done by the same party that auditted the Geist code. You can find the Audit here: Audits

Is the team doxxed?

Yes, the team is a recipient of an official Mantle Foundation grant. One of the requirements is to KYC/Dox with the Mantle team.

Next to this, the Lendle team holds plenty of AMAs and has a weekly fireside chat where you can meet up with the team.

My transaction failed, how come?

Usually, this is because of either of the following cases:

You're trying to withdraw your collateral from a market that is fully utilized. Whenever you withdraw your assets from a market, make sure the utilisation rate is < 100%. You can check this by clicking on the market you're trying to withdraw from and scrolling down to the 'utilisation rate percentage'. If it's above 100%, all the money has been lent out, thus making withdrawals of that asset impossible until loans have been either paid off or liquidated.

Transaction failed because of too little gas

First and foremost, make sure your MNT balance never goes below 1! Most transactions cost around 0.5 MNT, so an approval and swap to get new gas would cost you almost 1. Why is the cost this high while the wallet says it's only 0.000028? Allow us to explain: Below an example of a claim transaction, where we vest our $LEND tokens. The Rabby wallet estimates the GAS at 0.000028.

But when we go to the explorer and check our transaction, we see that we spent 0.462...

The TL;DR is that your wallet can only estimate the 'L2 Txn Fee', which in this example was almost spot on, with 0.0000279303. However, we also have to pay a fee to settle the transaction on the L1, which is Ethereum. At the beginning of Q4 '23, we saw a quadrupling in the avg GWEI paid for txs on ETH, thus resulting in higher fees for these L1 settlement transactions.

If you want to learn why the wallets can't give you an estimation including L1 fees, take a look over here in the Mantle docs where they explain the whole process in detail.

My claimable $LEND went to 0 or the button disappeared, are my rewards gone?

In certain edge cases, it can happen that the 'Vest Lend' button disappeared, most notably after withdrawing your collateral in full. Please note that your $LEND rewards have not disappeared and it's purely a frontend issue we're working on to resolve. Your $LEND rewards are streamed and calculated on a 'per block basis', meaning that they are still waiting for you to be claimed in the ChefIncentivesController contract. As a workaround, make sure to claim the rewards before exiting the markets. And in the case you already did so, you can either:

  • Find the claim button on the manage page, OR

  • Return the next day as some rewards will still come in after withdrawing, thus enabling/showing the button again, OR

  • If you're really in a rush, you can call claim() anytime on the ChefIncentivesController contract through the blockexplorer.

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