In this Tutorial we will be borrowing ETH against our DAI that we depositted in How-To-Deposit
We've opened the ETH market from the Marketsscreen.
By clicking on the Borrow button we will be going to the Borrow screen for the ETH market.
At the top we can the amount ETH I borrowed, how much my collateral is worth and my current Health Factor I already borrowed 1 ETH before and you can see in the top that I owe the protocol 0.0043 in ETH, this is the interest, or Variable borrow APY and increases the amount to repay with every epoch. At the moment, over 99% of the supplied ETH is being borrowed, which means that on the right, the interest we have to pay to borrow is very high. Why this is can be read in detail: Interest Rate Model There is 76 WETH available in the market to borrow and in the bottom you can see that, depending on what and how much collateral I depositted, I can borrow up to 5.3 WETH.
For this example, let's go with 1 ETH and press Continue to go the next screen:
Take note of the updated Health Factor. And press Borrow to start, sign the transaction in your wallet and it should look something like this in the end:
Success, you've now borrowed assets from the Lendle Market.
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