Repaying a loan

Unwinding your positions

Repaying your loan can be done from the Dashboard In this tutorial we will unwind the positions that we've created by following How-To-Deposit & How-To-Borrow

Head over to the Dashboard of Lendle:

On the right we can see all our borrows, in this case ETH. Click on Repay to start the process.

In this screen you can see the amount of WETH we have borrowed. The amount we have to repay is higher than what we borrowed, this is because of the interest we owe to the protocol. In this example I want to remove the depositted DAI in the end, so I have to repay the whole loan. By pressing MAX we will see the full amount we owe. Press Continue to start repaying.

Verify the amount we're about return to the protocol and take note of the new Health Factor

When you are ready, press Approve and use default again in your MetaMask to only allow spending for the amount you put in. Then press Repay and sign the tx again. Success! You've now repayed your loan.


Sometimes your loan will not be payed off in full. This is because during the time you started to repay and the time the funds were receieved, another epoch happened and thus more money is owed to the protocol. It will look something like this:

By pressing MAX again you will see the exact amount you owe the protocol. Go through the process again to repay, untill you have 0 borrow open on the Dashboard For this example, it took 4 transactions to repay the loan in full.

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